24 March 2014

Shopping with iHerbs

Ni la jadi when my hands got itchy! Haha. Yes, online shopping. Gatal-gatal g browse here and there, then jumpa something new. Interested to try and yeah, below are the result. Haha! I purchased 4 items from iHerbs. Btw, if I'm not mistaken la kan.. I was browsing on Real Techniques makeup brush. I was about to place order with one of the IG shop selling pre-order items then I came across to this one blog (which I already forgot the link) on her post bout iHerbs. Interesting! Hehe. Then I compare the price and it seems iHerbs more cheaper! 

For example, Real Techniques makeup brush cost $18 (around RM60) and most of the IG shops are selling for RM80-RM150. Some are including postage and some are not. Guess what? Using iHerbs, I purchased 4 items for $39.98 (RM132)! Yes, including postage from US to Malaysia using DHL.

The best part is, I ordered on 13 March and 4 days later (17 March) I received the package! The shipping cost using DHL is $8. 

Oh ye, you can purchase using Debit Card with Visa or Master Card too.

If you are interested to buy from iHerb, you can use this Rewards Code WSJ643 or use this link : http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=WSJ643. Valid for new customer only! You will save $5-$10 off on your first order. I used Rewards Code I got from another blogger, so I got discount too! 

Visit: http://www.iherb.com to start shopping. 

Description for each product; expiration date, price in RM, reviews, weight etc. Easy to refer rite?

My purchase details. I got $5 off. $10 off for order totals $40 or more!

And this is the tracking from DHL. You can monitor the current location of your package.

Happy shopping!



  1. Hey there, were you being taxed?

    1. I just ordered mine few days ago tau. & the parcel reached Malaysia already it's just that, it's still w the customs right now.

      I called up DHL just to ask them about taxation, they said i might get taxed. So, i told the lady on the phone regarding a few customers who ordered make-up brushes via iHerb not getting tax.

      She said, if i have evidence, i can offset my tax. Do you mind giving me your tracking no. for your previous purchase?

      I am that scared :/ cause i don't wanna get taxed :(


      Hope you understand.. xx

    2. Ohhh. Pity u. Hmm. Im not sure bout the tax process. But my last order was only 4 items. Mayb thats the reason x kena tax? May I know how many item(s) u ordered? Ke they calculate according to the weight? I think if x banyak normally no tax. Ok now I'm scared. Haha.