24 August 2014

Malaysia Online Craft Shop - Craftmate Store

 I came across to this online craft shop that sell interestingggg products. That time I was looking for a burlap. Then google brought me to this shop. Its name is Craftmate Store. I'm not sure if they have a physical store or not. Doesn't really matter to me since I like the online version more! Haha. They have variety of products and some are imported from oversea. If you love making scrapbook, DIY anything that cross your mind then this is the place for you. Seriously, I want almost everything here but haippp.. need to focus on the things that I really really need.

You know one thing bout shopping online yang I dont like is I cant ask what I want to know more bout the products. Especially those store yang didnt provide any helpful assistance or I need to email them and wait for few days to get a reply. But at Craftmate Store, they provide a chat window for me to ask whatever I want to know bout the products they are selling. At first I didnt put a high hope for them to reply asap. The chat window status was offline because its already out of business hour (4/5am that time) but still can leave a message to them. Guess what, later I woke up and saw an email from them. I was like okay, this is awesome. Very fast and helpful kind of service! Love it. 

So things that I bought from this store are of course the burlap, canvas fringe and canvas hemp rope. 

Burlap - RM14.90
Size : 12"x12"

Canvas Fringe
RM7.90 for 1 yard

Canvas Hemp Rope/Twine
RM19.90 for 45ft

Dont forget to check out Craftmate Store!


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