03 August 2013

Raya Dilemma!

Dilemma balik kampung. LOL! The thing that I hate the most is PACKING! Xkesah la packing nak balik kampung or g travel. Susah betol nak limitkan barang-barang yang nak perlu. Hmm. For this raya, I ada 2 bags (medium size). Since I dont want to carry many bags at the airport, I tumpang satu bag and cookies dalam kereta my cousin. I thought my idea was brilliant enough but.. haha, I still have few more extra-extra stuff. Gahhhh, I still end up carrying many bags! Hmm.. I guess there is no easy way to travel with few luggage? Sigh. :(

p.s : ni x termasuk the baju lagi. packing satu bag je tapi satu umah bersepah. lol! :(

*cant wait to see you soon budak kecik!

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