26 January 2014

PearlDaisy Meet & Greet!

Yeah I know, late update. Dah basi dah cerita ni tapi xpe la kan, nak cerita jugak. Hihi!
This event was held at Food Foundry, Petaling Jaya. Luckily it is on Waze, so tak sesat lah. My cousin and I reached the destination around 9pm, sekali dengan Amena. Bagus, kami x missed anything yet. Hihi! Full house! Ramai betol Amenakin punya fans. But still we were lucky dapat jumpa personally and some of the fans gave her present, chit-chatting with her and she was nice and happy je melayan semua orang. The event schedule was speech by Amena, hoojab tutorial, eat, jual hoojab, sesi soal jawap and photo session. I managed to grab one hoojab! Seriously dah macam enter a war zone dah, nasib baik xde adegan tarik-tarik tudung gaduh nak beli hoojab. :p

Anyway, check out the picture and video yang sempat dirakam. Lazy to snap the picture sebenarnya sebab I cant eat happily!

Hoojab tutorial session.

Tak sampai hati nak makan dessert sebab too nice! The food prepared by Food Foundry was awesome! 

Sesi soal jawap. Hihi! Serious talk!

Dr. Halina was there too! First time jumpa dia. Love her scarf!

Woot woot! The lovely Shea Rasol. Sweet and humble girl.

Annndd of course, star of the night - Amena!

The hoojab!


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