01 January 2014

Dream come true - Kuda Bandos, Maldives (Part 3)

As per recommended by the hotel staff, kami agree untuk visit Kuda Bandos. Its a picnic island, dibuka untuk tourist on weekdays and local on weekend. So if you want to visit this island make sure plan betol-betol ok. Located not far from Hulhumale, around 30-40 minutes. If using speed boat maybe around 15-20 minutes. Tapi tak kesah la how long it tooks because Kuda Bandos worth more than that. We were here for the whole day (9am-4pm). As soon as sampai je jetty, I was speechless! Too beautiful! Ada jugak la feeling-feeling cerita Pirates of The Carribean masa dorang landed on sandbank. Ahhh, I cant believe that I had witness one of the best island/beach in the world! 

*all pictures and videos taken using iphone.

Boat slowly approaching the jetty.

This is what I'm talking about! Even nothing much I can do here due to the expensive price for the activities, I still enjoy my time sitting by the beach under the hot weather. I dont care if my skin turned darker. Haha. Its beach riteeee. 


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