29 January 2014

ootd #2 : Flowers Bloom in Winter

My cousin and I dah kebosanan tahap terlampau last tuesday and we decided untuk keluar makan-makan, having fun in our own way. We got no plan where to go actually so we just follow where ever the road lead us and finally kami sampai ke Damansara. Singgah Wondermilk for lunch, late lunch actually. Hungry to the max! Both of us ordered Aglio Olio. It was a quick lunch, then we headed to Empire Damansara Perdana. My cousin eagerly nak visit this place, she said ada hanging umbrellas. But sadly during our visit, they changed to Chinese New Year decoration. Pity her, frustrated! Hopefully they will change it back to those umbrellas. Since the place sangat-sangat awesome, surely ada sesi bergambar. Hihi! Enjoy my feeling-feeling ootd pictures. Plus lately the weather were so nice. Sort of "winter" in Malaysia. Love it!

Outfit :
Top : Milktee