15 November 2014


Everytime Mr Postman came knocking my door.. I am the happiest girl in the world! Haha. :)

I would like to share my recent purchase from Luxola. Not really a big haul, just three items from Sleek and Zoeva. Two brushes from Zoeva and brow kit from Sleek which I've been eyeing for quite some time.

After some "research" (you know the googling thing for review on youtube or beauty blogger), I decided to purchase the Sleek brow kit in Extra Dark. I was a bit nervous actually because I afraid if the colour wont match with my skin but lucky me, it did match! From the review I read that the real size for this kit is a bit smaller from the picture on the web. Yes, it is a bit smaller but the good thing as per review is the texture is really pigmented. It comes in wax/gel based for the lining purpose and another one is the powder to fill in the brow gap. Also it comes with some tools that are quite handy for me. Since it is very pigmented, please be extra careful when applying the wax/gel so that you wont turn your eyebrow into owl-looking-brow (owl got eyebrow?)

Check out what I did to my brow. Haha. Kinda love the color and easy breezy application.

Right : With Sleek brow kit. Love the natural look! 
Left : bare brow.

Now both are ready! Need more practice I guess and also need to trim the stubborn hair. :p

Annnndd these are the Zoeva brushes; 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek and 226 Smudger. 
Check out the description on the link above as I am not an expert on brush topic but as for starter like me, I think this brush surely do justice. Omg, talking bout the price? Its super cheap! Ranging from RM20 above. Affordable, presentable and let the magic do rest.. I mean the rest is depending on your skills rite? Hehe. 


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