11 November 2014

Organic Coffee Scrub from Scrub-A-Dub (@scrubadub!

pic credit to @scrubadub

I dunno how to express my happy feeling for finding out bout this coffee scrub! I saw the famous blogger; thepinkstilettos uploaded this scrub on her instagram and straight away I ordered mine. Its been a while actually I was searching for a scrub that made from coffee. Why? Because coffee is famous for fighting cellulite! 

pic credit to @scrubadub

What I like bout this coffee scrub? It made from all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, sea salt and coffee beans of course. Speaking bout coffee, who doesn't like the aroma rite? So pure and refreshing! 

The scrub texture is not too different from the coffee powder you bought from the store except its a bit moist and soft but not too soft until it cant scrub your skin well. I think this is due to the mixture of olive and coconut oil. The interesting part for me is, after the scrubbing process I clean up all the excesses anddd I can see and feel that the oils still there, on my skin. This what keep my skin moist. Dont worry, its not like a lot of them, just nice to keep the skin moist. 

I've tried few scrub from different brands including the home made one but so far none of them are like this one. The normal scrub texture is a bit harsh and when I rub+pressed it especially on my legs, it will scratch my skin a bit. When in contact with water I can feel a little pain. But with this coffee scrub, I dont feel any pain or irritation at all, I even use to scrub my face too! Since this is an organic scrub, you can use it up to 3 times a weeks. 

Anyway, according to the user, this scrub helps to reduce cellulite, brighten skin, reduce acne problem, soften cracked feet, stretchmarks, scars and solutions for dry skin. All the good things are in this scrub rite? Go get yours now!

Where to purchase? Visit @scrubadub instagram! 


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