12 November 2014

Pisang Cheese Jakarta, Bangi

Hola to Pisang Cheese Jakarta, the best pisang goreng in town! 

My husband was craving for this pisang cheese actually and kebetulan we went to Bangi Gateway for EhEhBazaar last weekend, so we decided to check out this stall. Yeah, it just a stall kat celah-celah lorong between the building and it situated next to the Kelisa restoran. Same row with Hospital An-Nur and opposite Masjid Bangi Seksyen 9. Not hard to find because you can see people queueing in front of the stall. There are few other stalls nearby, steamboat, steam burger stalls, satay, char keuy teow etc.

Above pic : Coco Caramel flavor
Below pic : Chocolate flavor

There are 5 flavors available at this stall; Original, Chocolate, Coco Caramel, Crunchy Oreo and Messy Chocolate. We ordered 2 flavors; Chocolate and Coco Caramel. Both are super delicious! I prefer for the pisang to cool down first sebab kalau makan panas-panas you will not be able to enjoy the taste. 

Their price range is from RM7-RM8 per box and the opening hours are from 2:00pm until 10:00pm.

Dine in or take away? Its your choice. :)


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