20 June 2013

PORING Hot Spring, Sabah (Part Four)

Its been a while. Lazy to continue writing on my Kota Kinabalu trip ni. Hehe! So yeah, after visiting Desa Farm Cattle we continue our journey to Poring Hot Spring. As far as I can remember if you purchase ticket for Kinabalu Park, you can use the same to enter Poring Hot Spring. Correct me if I'm wrong. Gahh, I'm getting old! Hihi. Nothing much here other than the hot spring and waterfall I guess. We just spent a little time here since the swimming pool kinda full with children. But we did dip our feet in the dip pool provided. Ahh, lega rasa kaki dapat rendam dalam air panas after a long and tiring journey. Dah macam kat spa! Hehe! 

Day time is going to end soon so we decided to end our journey and headed to hotel as soon as possible. Its getting dark and kinda scary to drove at night. Ye lah, if anything happen to our car ke, sape lah yang sanggup datang tengah-tengah hutan belantara ni, plus its 1-2 hours away from town. And we were tourist, of cos we had no one to call! Tapi dalam nak cepat-cepat balik tu sempat berhenti tepi jalan amik gambar with amazing sunset! Duhh, then terus sambung perjalanan pulang. My friend need to pee but there is no public toilet or petrol station after pekan Ranau. She drove like crazaaaayy! Rasa macam kereta tengah terbang pon ada. Haha. Alhamdulillah we arrived at the destination dengan selamat. Nasib baik xde yang muntah lepas kuar kereta. :p

*Next will be the last one, Island hopping!"

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