19 June 2013

Review : ORIGINS products.

First of all, I'm not a beauty blogger so I'm not really good in reviewing products. Hehe! This is just my personal view regarding ORIGINS product which I purchased few days ago. I love them! So much! Hehe. Yeah, all of them, including the Zero Oil range on my previous post.

Okay, let start with Charcoal Mask (Clear Improvement). I love it! Hehe! As per told by the sales person, need to apply it of cos all over the face except eye area and make it thick until x nampak our skin. Biarkan for 20-30 minutes. Oh yeah, before that I did open my pores first using hot water, the steaming method. Don't wash your face using hot water okay! Haha. Later I wash my face using normal/cold water. Tadaaa! Its done. Nothing much to see on first usage but after 3 days usage then I can see my skin look clean and pores become smaller. I use it everyday for 3 days then on the coming week I use it twice a week. The texture is very thick (clay like) and I can feel it sucking out the dirt on my face! It has an active charcoal that extract the dirt from the pores. If you want to see its magic please follow the instruction given (steam>mask>wash off with cold/normal water). 

After mask, I just follow the normal skincare routine; toner, moisturizer, serum, etc.. And speaking of moisturizer.. I use ORIGINS GinZing Energy-Boosting moisturizer. Oh gosh, I seriously in love with the smell! Very refreshing. The texture is very light and oil-free. It got the orangey smell too if I'm not mistaken. Feeling like eating it! Haha. I guess its name speak the truth, Energy-Boosting!

Lastly, I use the Out of Trouble mask on my pimples! The sales person told me, take a small amount of the mask and put it on the pimples, then leave it until morning. Guess what? It work!!! My pimples getting smaller and less redness. This Out of Trouble do smell like a-very-serious-kind-of-medicine! Haha. And this remind me of Mopiko! The medicine to heal mosquito bites. So far I only use this on certain area and mostly on pimples. Not yet try on the whole face. This is a cream based mask and it can dry out skin but mine is oily so yeah.. it suits me well.. :)

For me, ORIGINS is really a good product. The price is still affordable and the most important thing is.. Powered by Nature and Proven by Science! :)

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