28 June 2013

Isabel Marant vs Steve Madden (or) Agape Boutique!

I love shoes freaking much! At one period I bought shoes just because they are cool, nice and awesome. But never use them! Just for the sake of collecting them and having pleasant feeling when viewing them. Gila! :p

Its been a while actually I managed to control this shoes addiction (like really?). I only bought what I need. But now this Isabel Marant sneakers is really driving me crazaaayy! I saw this shoes before and fell in love but dont bother of searching for the brand. Then lately, I've seen many Malaysian artist uploading their photos to the instagram wearing this shoes! And it reminding me of this (previously seen) shoes. I started to search for it and tadaaa.. Its ISABEL MARANT!

Price range $500 above!

Yeah I know Marant is pricey and its far away from my budget. Lucky I'm not carazaaayyy enough to buy this shoes and eat pasir for the whole month. Haha. So yeah, u can opt for another brand which also a well known one - Steve Madden. At least the concept still the same rite? Sneakers! Still stylish and look comfy too. 

Price range $90-$150 above!

OR you can just visit Agape Boutique. I'm warning u, Agape Boutique will drive u crazy! Too many beautiful shoes and the most important thing is - price! It is reasonable and affordable. If shoes really matter to u, buy because of the price not the brand and comfort is a must. 

Price range RM50-RM90!

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