23 October 2013

Family Trip - Hatyai (1)

Finally berjaya jugak went to Thailand to visit our relatives there on the second day of Raya Haji. They came here for many times already. So my uncle suggest buat trip to Hatyai and visit our relatives sekali la. So, we started our road trip kat Rantau Panjang-Sungai Kolok to Raman district. Kami singgah lunch at the relatives house around 2pm. They served us nasi with tomyam, ikan goreng, sayur, sup daging etc. It was freaking delicious. Masing-masing makan siap tambah nasi lagi. And yes, tu salah satu reason tak de gambar makanan. Lapar + sedap, terus ngapp je. Haha.  

After lunch, solat etc we continue our journey to the next relatives house. It took around 30 minutes to reach there. Here, they served us with buah-buahan, makan while chit chatting. Thank you for having us. :)

Since we dont want to be on road at night, kami bertolak ke Hatyai around 4.30pm. But 6.30pm dah gelap, same like our 7.30pm. We managed to reach Hatyai around 9pm. We checked in at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, in front of the Central mall. The hotel location is strategic but the room.. Hmm.. Very poor! Smelly, no kettle (for those with babies need that I guess). And rasanya macam hard to access the hotel because firstly, nak kena security check every time nak masuk (previously kena bom), small lift (susah nak angkat barang-barang), hotel lobby is at the 10th floor (hotel above shopping complex). Then from lobby, need to take another lift to the room. Oh yaa, the price is 1350 bhat! Including breakfast which they claimed no pork served. But the menu in our room stated there is pork. I'm not sure if they have separate kitchen for this.  

After checked in, we went downstairs for dinner. Banyak muslims stall along the street. We ordered Nasi Goreng seafood (50 bhat), Kuey Teow Seafood (50 bhat) and also Fried Oyster/Seafood (100 bhat). Fried Oyster/Seafood was nice, but Kuey Teow Seafood and Nasi Goreng Seafood agak lembik and rasanya so-so je. Sarang Burung "Laici" Kang pon nice. Ada few other dessert jgak yang sedap, served with milk, gula melaka etc (sorry I dont know the name ;p).

Lepas dinner we went for a walk along the streets. Tak banyak kedai, maybe sebab we were there on weekdays? I was craving for Pulut Mangga in front of the hotel tapi tak terbeli sebab kenyang. Ingatkan nak beli on the next day tapi malangnya we moved out to another hotel yang much selesa.


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