05 October 2013

The Body Shop.

My last time beli barang dari The Body Shop was ... Cant really remember when but it must be a long long time ago. Hihi. The Body Shop was and still my favourite brand. It just, u know.. bila dah kenal and mampu beli other brand made me forgot The Body Shop. Honestly when I found Chocolate Cats blog then I realized how much I rindu The Body Shop! :(

Anyway, its quite a good timing for my perfume and body mist to finished. Hehe. So without further ado I went straight to The Body Shop to check out their items. I was planning to buy White Musk but then I dont know how I ended up with Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist (RM53). Actually I cant decide between these two but since I used to have the White Musk before (long time a go) so lets try something new la.. Hihi! 

Then, I saw a lipstick that cost only RM49 with a "very me" color. Of cos I cant ignore this. I really like the honey-nude-moist effect from this lipstick. And yeah, it suits me well. I remember last time I bought a M.A.C lipstick (nude color) which at first I thought it suits me (under the yellow color light). But when I tried it at home, it so-not what I expected. I dont like the color and used it like 2-5 times je. 

Anndd utk cukupkan RM100 or more to received a free gift Honeymania Body Butter, I add another item which is Facial Brush (RM12.90). Who do not want such a gift kan? Hehe. :)


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