30 March 2013

Date & Fate

I had a date with my university friend last wednesday kat Bangsar. Yes, where else other than the famous DipnDip! While walking towards DipnDip we passed through a shop which I dont even turned my head to look at it pon and thanks to my friend for reading it out loud "too cool for school!". I was "eh wait, sound familiar." At the same time wonder how she can sebut that brand name dengan tepat. She replied "ni dia tulis" on the easel outside the shop. I paused for a while and look up searching for the store name and the yellow color wording caught my attention. Ape tunggu lagi, teruk masuk kedai and the first thing cari was Dinoplatz sebab nak tau harga. :p

I'm soOOooooOOOoo happy! Hihi. Too Cool For School, is now in Malaysia! To be exact, it is in Bangsar, Telawi 3! Since January ok, sampai hati tak bagi tau I. Hihi! Ladies, what are you waiting for? Lets go! I bet you will love this.. :)

I did story bout Too Cool For School on my previous post. You can check it here. Now no need to worry if my Dinoplatz going to finish because I can get it anytime I want. But yeah, the priceeee.. Its quite pricey here in Malaysia. If I'm not mistaken RM59. But takkan nak pergi Korea semata-mata nak beli make up? LoL. So, fair enough. 

And this is us filling our tummy at DipnDip, Bangsar and Delicious, Mid Valley.

The End

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