03 March 2013

Flying with Royal Jordanian..

Remember on the previous post I wrote about sinus surgery and Bangkok? Bangkok trip was a short notice kinda trip. We bought the ticket x sampai a month from the travel date. I check AirAsia (AA) ticket price almost same with Royal Jordanian (RJ) bila add baggage, insurance and meals. So we decided untuk pilih RJ since the price dah termasuk dengan baggage, meals and etc. Worth it you know.. 

During the online booking process I dah pilihkan for four of us the halal meals. Antara makanan yang dihidangkan adalah sandwiches, apple crumble, orange juice, plain water, coffee and tea. Sandwich ada 2; satu with cheese and another one is shrimp with some vegetables and pickle. I like the pickle sebab tak masam macam Mc'D punya. It kinda sweet sour but more to sweet. I siap curi my friend punya lagi and makan macam tu je. But I didn't drink it with orange juice, risau nanti sakit perut. Oh, and the apple crumble was too delicious! After done eating, they served you with coffee and tea. 

Perut dah kenyang, then boleh sambung tengok movie. Agak up to date jugak la cerita-cerita yang disediakan. They also do provide pillow and blanket. Feels like home huh? The 2 hours journey tu rasa kejap je. They pampered you much kan. :)

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