29 March 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basic Giveaway!

I forgot how I found Jerine's blog but I'm glad I found it. Maybe that time I was looking for NARS review and seller in Malaysia and that lead me to her blog. Since then, I'm stuck on you Million Dollar Beauty!! Haha! 

Actually I've been eyeing for Urban Decay Naked Basic palette quite a while. During my visit to Sephora in January I saw this palette and thinking of buying it soon since that time agak pokai sebab need to support my sister. She was staying at my place after her SPM exam. I ingat I can forget this Urban Decay Naked Basic macam tu je as I dont have time yet to go to Sephora. Guess what? I canttttt!! Haha. Plus I saw Jerine posted a review regarding this palette. "You drive me crazaaayyyy!" :p

And now, I'm crazaaayyy enough to win this contest! Haha. Thank you Jerine, the owner of Million Dollar Beauty for giving me chance to get this Urban Decay Naked Basic for FREE! Hewhew. Btw, this is my first time entering blog's contest and you know why riteeee.. Seriously cant resist! :) 

So yeah.. why I really want this palette? Since I learned to put make up on my face, I always go for nude color. Its weird rite, you want a make up with no make up.. Plus I dont think that other color will suit me well as my skin tone is a bit dark. Hitam manis? :p. I have a lot of brown shade eyeshadows that I think suitable for me. I barely use them nowadays since my current job is facing computer je, no need face-to-face with people anymore. But I do wear make up when attending event or anytime I rasa nak put on make up. FYI, I just threw out almost half of my make up collection sebab dah expired! *cry*. Another reason I need Urban Decay Naked Basic! *wink wink*

Btw, I always adore and want this kind of make up. Yang super natural and look exactly like my skin color. Hihi! Hi Jessica Alba, pinjam gambar jap ye.   

Look at the colors! Not too many to choose from but enough to make you look stunning. Plus all the colors is in one palette. Previously I bought the refill je, per color, wasting my storage space. Hihi! Ohhh, this will be my first palette of eyeshadow! *finger cross*.

Let me share with you my usual look. Yeah I know, its kinda boringggg.. But I love it! :)

Urban Decay Naked Basic, this is me waiting for you.. ;p

Thank you for reading this!

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  1. Hope you'll win your very first eyeshadow palette. Good luck!