05 March 2013

Pimples NO MORE!

This is not product advertisement tau. Just want to share about my previous skin condition. Dah macam-macam product guna, from the "duit-hangus" range to "boleh-survive-lagi" range and lastly found my "you-are-the-one" range. Hehe! "duit-hangus" range untuk product yang agak mahal for me yang I pernah try such as SKII, Sothys. "boleh-survive-lagi" I guess for Origins, Beauty Umaira, rumpai laut, Vitamin C, etc.

My skin type is oily and ada jerawat! I've been using SKII for almost 3 years and it suits me well. Until one day I accidently apply the toner to my eyes area. Funny rite? Sometimes I did confuse dengan ape yang ada kat tangan and applied it on the wrong place. Guess what? Mata belah kiri jadi makin kering and berdarah, I mean kelopak mata. Btw, I'm not blaming SKII pon.. That time I baru je balik dari island vacation. A week disinari matahari and air laut surely will make your skin makin kering and sensitive. So I terpaksa stop for a while from applying anything on my face. 

After almost 2-3 weeks, kulit dah normal I met a friend suggesting me to try out Sothys. So Hi Sothys, Bye $$$! My date with Sothys went quite well but too many products nak kena guna and I'm lazy to do so. Since dah beli and bayar for the facial course, I terpaksa rajinkan diri ikot procedure everyday. First time ever I follow and x skip applying product on my face. I can see the different. After almost 7 months I guess, the beautician told me that my face macam kejap ok then x ok.. And that time my bank account getting decreasing. Tapi muka tak ok-ok lagi. She ask me to buy this and that and this and that tu not cheap you know! Its RMXXXX! I cerita kat another friend about this and she advised me to go to the skin specialist. During my almost last appointment with Sothys, I told the beautician I'm not going to buy their product anymore sebab I need to use the one given by the skin specialist. She kinda upset with my decision. Ye lah.. hilang commission dia la kot. Ala, ramai lagi pengguna setia Sothys. So dont worry ye cik beautician. 

Then proceed appointment with skin specialist. Ingatkan ok, I mean xsakit such as bila jerawat kena picit and removing the blackheads. I was wrong! Hehe. Memang doktor tu x buat facial at his clinic. Dia just bagi ubat untuk ditelan, cleanser, cream siang and cream malam. First week ok, nampak parut and jerawat kurang, tapi bila pakai cream siang dia tu agak perit la especially when you walked under the sun. Then tiba untuk second appointment, doktor suruh continue with the same cream and ubat. Muka started to keluar jerawat yang agak besar. Tambah with the rasa perit, then I stopped! Frustrated.

Malas dah nak g mana-mana clinic or anything. I just habiskan products yang ada.. One day I jumpe Ceuticals, gave a try. It was fine at first. But the pimples still popping out. And I dont really know the order of the product usage, since dia xde orang/specialist yang ajar or advice. Just communicating thru facebook je. Mana dia nampak my skin kan? Again, malas jugak nak layan this product. Hihi. 

One day, I blog walking to Namee Roslan's blog. I read her post regarding Vitamin C from Laili Beauty Care. Mula-mula malas nak layan sebab Namee dah memang cantik and her skin pon macam ok je (from my point of view la). Tapi biasala, tangan gatal je g click link tu. Then baca testimoni pengguna macam agak menyakinkan. So I ordered Vitamin C Organik 500mg. Sangat memuaskan! I can see the result in a week, tapi sorry saya xnak tertipu lagi. I makan everyday sampaila sedar tak sedar dah 3 months plus. Yes, the scar dah xde and less jerawat! Malam-malam I sapu Bio-Oil, so lagi la cepat parut hilang. Then saat-saat yang digeruni dah tiba, the shop dah stop selling for 500mg. They replaced with 1000mg Pahang Pharma. 

Dah sampai ke my last bottle of Vitamin C Organik 500mg tu la I met Beauty Umaira. The love of my life! Errrr.. Haha! That time I dah skip-skip makan Vitamin C Organik 500mg tu sebab focus kat Beauty Umaira. Bila dah habis Vitamin C Organik 500mg, I continue with Beauty Umaira je. That time la as I cerita on my previous post yang my office mates tegur muka nampak glowy. Dah habis sekotak, bekalan terputus. My aunty yang jual, xsempat nak pergi rumah dia untuk continue beli on the second box. Untuk for a while I saje-saje nak try Felinna PMC. Beli dua kotak, tapi sekotak je habis, bila nak masuk my second box my sister told me yang dia pon nak try tapi takot sebab dia berkapsul. And the kapsul can harm you one day. As I think that of course la I akan makan Felinna PMC ni forever kan sebab its good tapi pikirkan the side effect I quit. 

Alhamdulillah later I met my aunty and beli my second box of Beauty Umaira. And for mask I guna rumpai laut, yang kena masak sendiri tu then simpan dalam fridge. I amik sikit-sikit untuk buat mask. Kadang-kadang guna baki Beauty Umaira kat gelas tu je as mask. Oh, for cleanser I guna sabun glutathione yang color-color tu from Laili Beauty Care. Love it! Before tido sapu Bio-Oil on parut degil. And bila nak keluar g kerja or jalan-jalan I use Origins. So this is my "boleh-survive-lagi" range. And I guess, I also found my "you-are-the-one" range as well... for now at least... and let time be the judge.. :)

* ada tinggal sikit je lagi parut degil. caiyok! hehe. 

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